Capital Cost: £2,500,000 + VAT

Facility:Fixed Term Lease / Rental

Period: 84 Months - 7 Year term (MAX term possible)

Payments: 84 Months @ £37,750.00 + VAT

Capital Cost: £2,555,000 + VAT

Facility: Fixed Term Lease

Period: 60 Months - 5 Years

Payments: 60 Months @ £45,998.00 + VAT



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Capital Cost: £4500,000 + VAT

Facility: Fixed Term Lease / Rental

Period: 60 Months - 5 Years 

Payments 60 Months @ £8,280.00 + VAT 


Capital Cost: £450,000 + VAT

Facility: Fixed Term Lease / Rental

Period: 84 Months - 7 Years - Max Term

Payments: 84 Months @ £6,795.00+ VAT 

Should you be looking to finance a project then LED Lighting Solutions can introduce you to our partners in the world of specialist finance. Detailed below are several examples / options based upon indicative figures for UK business looking to procure lighting that can include installation and commissioning which can be accepted on either ON or OFF balance sheets (rental) which is not possible over longer than 3 years and would be subject to a technical appraisal and risk weighting on the underlying assets, but in short, would give HIGHER repayments due to a low Residual Value (RV) risk and relative short term, compared to 5  year ''full pay out'' lease which would still be lower monthly / annual costs. 

We can provide a form of rental, to quasi like operating lease, whereby the repayments a slightly lower - so in effect if the capital cost for example is £2..5 Million spend then the payments on 5 years term (not 7) would total to around the same £2..5 Million spend, but the lease would then own the kit. A secondary term agreement would need to be put in place to roll out the the small RV that was put in place (10 - 15% max) of the original cost of the equipment. Some organisations accept this as suitable to be classed as Operating Lease. Some examples based upon various figues can be viewed below.