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MxilLED Architectural & Festive catalougue

Spanning more than two decades and hundreds of successful lighting installations, the MaxiLED team has deep project experience, technical expertise, and intellectual property that is the foundation of the MaxiLED portfolio of products for fa├žade lighting, bridges and boardwalks, in-ground and catenary lighting applications.

The team's experience comes from a background in architectural and festoon lighting projects with lighting designers, cities, and shopping centers across the UK and Ireland. As a representative of Philips Color Kinetics and LumenPulse architectural solutions and product design with leading architectural lighting manufacturers, the team has first-hand experience with the quality expectations of the specification community and the needs to meet demanding installation environments. With cities and shopping centers, the team learned the need for flexible, rugged products that could handle yearly installations and take-downs and still maintain consistent performance.

The result was the development of the MaxiLED product line designed for extreme lighting applications. The products are built to exacting standards in Burnley, UK, and certified and tested to meet compliance standards for installations around the world.

Consider MaxiLED for your lighting applications that are difficult to access and have challenging maintenance demands.